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Foolproof Your Goals

2018. Yup, that's right. It's the last week of 2017, and about this time most people are setting goals, specifically, fitness goals. But the sad truth is that most resolutions are eventually broken. Personal training sessions, committing to a gym membership, eating more greens, cutting calories, easier said than done at times. So here are some steps to help you conquer your goals.

1. Be specific. Break those big resolutions into into specific, realistic, mini goals then planning exactly how and when you will achieve them.

2. Accountability. Studies prove that having accountability increases the likelihood of achieving goals. So set yourself up for success by finding a friend or partner to report to. Sign up for an app that will have you reach daily food or exercise goals, or join a fitness community.

3. Make habits. Create cues. Choose simple activities that you enjoy that you will be more apt to do daily. Lay your gym clothes out the day before so you are sure to go. Try new foods, make small changes, not drastic changes.

Xoxo, MK

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